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E-Motion Program logo: Characters depicting several emotions.
Calm E-Motion Character

K-6 E-Motion Program

Working from an integrated brain-body approach, Art in Motion’s E-Motion program provides a fun and safe opportunity for building emotional literacy, empathy and regulation skills through fun and tangible dance-movement activities.

Through embodied experiences, students explore their emotional range, movement-based regulation tools and ways of relating to others.


Students gain awareness of themselves and others through developmentally appropriate experiential activities, all under the guidance of trained facilitators.

The E-Motion program has been developed to align with Alberta Education’s K-6 Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum. Activities have been intentionally developed in relation to the learning outcomes. Curricular ties vary from grade to grade and are rooted in the organizing ideas of Character Development, Healthy Relationships, and Movement and Skill Development.

This program has been developed in collaboration with therapists, and educators to bring a scientifically-supported program with accessible and practical tools to the classroom.

Head with several balled up pieces of paper with many colours, representing emotions.
E-Motion Program Pillars

Why learn through movement?

Embodied learning is a powerful approach to learning about emotions because feeling emotions and moving are both embodied processes. Using an embodied learning process to understand our embodied emotional experiences provides an embodied context, immediately accessible and tangible for elementary school students.

Embodied learning integrates physical actions and experiences with cognitive processes. Research has shown that physical movements and cognitive functions are interconnected in the brain. Embodied learning strengthens the neural connections between these domains, so they become accessible in-the-moment.

Kinaesthetic inquiry encourages learners to explore, experiment, and reflect on their experiences through physical movement, fostering a deeper understanding and connection.


Learning through movement is appropriate for diverse learning styles, promoting physical engagement for effective learning, and creating a holistic and inclusive approach to education



Is there a performance?

No. This program invites students to explore their feelings and connect with their internal world. It is not appropriate for a celebration of learning.


How long is the program?


Having E-Motion class twice a week over the course of a month, is ideal. This leaves room for processing and discussion in the classroom. We recommend each class meets either Mondays/ Wednesdays or Tuesdays/ Thursdays for 4 weeks (45 minute classes), or 6 weeks (30 minute classes).


What is required?

  • Access to a large space such as a gym or multi-purpose room that is clear of desks, chairs.

  • Access to a stereo system with a bluetooth or mini jack connection.

"Recognizing the body's overwhelming feelings and moving through that was super helpful and incredible for students."

E-Motion Program

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