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K-6 E-Motion Program

Working from an integrated brain-body approach, Art in Motion’s E-Motion program provides a fun and safe opportunity for building emotional literacy, empathy and regulation skills through fun and tangible dance-movement activities. Through embodied learning, students recognize and shift their emotional states through developmentally appropriate movement-based regulation tools. Students engage in group, partnered and individual dance-movement processes, building awareness of self and others, all under the guidance of trained facilitators.


The E-Motion program has been developed to align with Alberta Education’s K-6 Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum. Activities have been intentionally developed in relation to the learning outcomes. Curricular ties vary from grade to grade and are rooted in the organizing ideas of Character Development, Healthy Relationships, and Movement and Skill Development.

This program has been developed in collaboration with therapists, and educators to bring a scientifically-supported program with accessible and practical tools to the classroom.

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"Recognizing the body's overwhelming feelings and moving through that was super helpful and incredible for students."

E-Motion Program

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