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Jr. High and High School Programming

Looking for a dance experience for your group, or to broaden your repertoire in your Jr. High or High School dance program? Need a professionally choreographed number for an upcoming show? AIM offers customizable workshops to suit you, and your students' needs.

Teens dancing in a dance class.
girl jumping.

Creative/ Expressive Dance

This workshop explores movement's potential for expression. In this workshop, students experiment with interpreting qualitative and energetic directives through their own movement choices. Students can create and build their own movement vocabulary or a shared movement vocabulary in groups, resulting in a short composition that can be shared with the rest of the class.

Female Dancer

Modern/ Contemporary Dance

This workshop can take many shapes. Choose to focus on a particular Modern Technique (Graham, Limon, Cunningham, Horton, release/ floor), or enjoy a Contemporary dance class that draws on the history of Modern technique. In this workshop we examine the body's efficiency in movement, and turn to physiology to understand what we ask of our body to complete complex movement. The class is structured to be appropriate for beginner and advanced dancers.

Hand Stand During Dance Performance_edit

The Craft Of Choreography

This workshop is a continuation of the Creative Dance workshop. In this workshop, AIM takes the creation process further to examine the structure of a dance. In this workshop, students will use their movement material as a base to develop a more complex structure. We will examine and dissect professional choreographies, and experiment with ways to develop and expand the original movement material. Attention to space and timing will also be addressed. This is offered as a workshop, but can develop into a mentorship process over a longer period of time.

Video Camera picture in the viewfinder.

Dance for the Camera

Learn choreography, camera and film editing techniques to create a dance specifically for the screen! This unique workshop requires a mentorship process with a minimum of seven AIM classes. Through the process AIM introduces and teaches techniques essential to creating a Dancefilm. Students work independently under teacher supervision in between AIM classes to develop their material, to be ready for the next class. At the end of the workshop, students have a Dancefilm festival sharing their work.
*The students need access to video capable cameras or ipads in addition to editing software (iMovie, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere).

Old photograph of Loie Fuller

Dance History

Dance has a rich history. Choose to focus on Jazz, Ballet, or Modern/Contemporary Dance History, OR have AIM take a general approach drawing on historical significances from each. This workshop is designed as a 1-2 class lecture/ discussion delivered with visuals and in a fun and engaging manner. Learn some fascinating facts about dance.

street sign for the corner of Broadway and Wall Street.

Jazz Dance: Broadway Beginnings

Jazz dance has a rich history, and is the result of the amalgamation of music and movement from two cultures. Today, the term 'Jazz dance' covers a wide array of different styles. This workshop focusses at the beginnings of 'studio jazz' (which evolved out of broadway). We visit some original Luigi-style and Matt Mattox exercises, and expand into technical exercises focussing on turns and jumps.

swing dancing in the background with the word "Swing" in the foreground.

Swing Jazz

West-African and European music and movement mingled in the late 1800s creating something new that the world had never seen before: Jazz. This dance form has an exciting history including when the swinging sound and movements emerged in the 1930s, creating the Swing era. Jazz was born in the United States and has profoundly shaped the music and dance styles that have followed. Let AIM introduce your students to the fun and athletic dance style that electrified dance clubs and ballrooms in the 1930s.

African-Textiles in a row

West-African Dance

Bring your energy for this fun workshop! AIM's West African Dance workshop focusses on giving students a a taste West-African dance. Expect to sweat and learn an authentic West-African Rhythm. Live drummers are recommended for students to gain the best experience.

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