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Preschool Program

Please get in touch to learn how Art in Motion can serve you and your students.

Art in Motion Dance Education offers programming appropriate for preschool-aged children in school and daycare settings. These classes are fun, engaging and designed especially for children ages 3 -5 years.


Creative Dance

Fun for Littles!

 A dance form that provides a fun way to experiment with movement, and develop spatial and bodily awareness. Though qualitative and energetic directives, children interpret movement ideas exploring locomotor and non-locomotor movement.

There Are Two Ways To Bring AIM Into Your Programming.

Workshops or Regular Classes

Workshops: AIM comes to your facility for a set amount of classes within a certain time frame. Perhaps your daycare is going to have Dance Week, or your preschool wants one workshop each semester. This is a flexible way to incorporate dance and movement into your program.

Regular classes: Many preschool and care facilities recognize the importance of early physical literacy, and schedule classes with AIM on a regular basis to explore dance and movement. 

Arts-Centred Learning

Do you have a concept you’re interested in exploring through movement?

AIM instructors work along-side facility directors and teachers to deliver curriculum through movement explorations and games. Perhaps you are interested in exploring the seasons, or numerical literacy? There are no limits to how movement can assist preschoolers in fully exploring a concept.

Questions? Get in touch here.

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch shortly.

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