Dance-Focussed Residency

Art in Motion offers many dance styles for you to choose from. We build a fun, engaging and inclusive environment with your students that fosters creativity, while building movement skills and confidence. 

Looking to cover a specific movement objective? Get in touch. We've can customize your experience.

Dance Styles

West-African Dance

Our West-African program focuses on the dances of Guinea, and our instructors have the experience and knowledge to make connections to West-African culture and music in addition to breaking down the steps for kids. All of our West-African dance instructors have studied with West-African dance masters in Western Africa. Music and movement are synonymous in West-African culture, so this dance form is best with live drummers!


Creative/ Expressive Dance

This dance form allows your students to explore their own way of moving and self-expression. Students experiment with interpreting qualitative and energetic directives through their own movement choices. Throughout the residency, students create and build their own movement vocabulary or a shared movement vocabulary in groups. This results in a solo or small group composition that can be shared with the rest of the class. Please see Arts-Centred Learning to connect this residency to curriculum outside of physical education.


Jazz Dance

West-African and European music and movement mingled in the late 1800s creating something new that the world had never seen before: Jazz. This dance form has an exciting history including the Turkey Trot, Quickstep, Charleston, and Swing.  AIM is able to focus on early jazz styles, Swing, or take a diasporic approach including Jazz roots such as West-African dance, and developments such as Funk and Hip-Hop.

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