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Let's Dance!

Art in Motion offers accessible, fun, and engaging process-based learning experiences rooted in movement, supporting physical and mental health.


Art in Motion engages the whole child: body, brain and mind. Through our unique approach to learning, AIM provides tangible experiences resulting in a depth of knowledge and skill development for all students.

Book your in-school experience! AIM is now taking bookings for the 2024/25 school year.

AIM works with movers of all ages and abilities through classes, workshops and artist residencies in schools. All of our offerings can be customized specifically for the needs of your group, school, client or child.

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Art in Motion Logo


Dance in Schools

AIM offers a variety of dance and movement experiences to students from pre-school to grade 12, such as our Arts-Centred Learning Program, Dance Focused Program, Jr. High and High School Class Program, Preschool Program, and our new E-Motion program.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

These fun classes are designed to support your child or client's physical and occupational therapy goals through dance and rhythm experiences.

Professional Learning

These sessions focus on empowering teachers with little to no dance experience to facilitate a movement-based creative process in their classroom.

"Students felt confident and able to share their individual strengths. I also appreciated the amount of curricular knowledge that was embedded into each dance."

Arts-Centred Learning Program

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Art in Motion Logo
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