Welcome to Art in Motion Dance Education


Art in Motion offers the ultimate dance residency and all-ability dance  experience.

AIM offers fun and enriching dance and movement experiences for students of all ages and abilities. All of our offerings can be customized specifically for the needs of your school, client or child.


Our Programs

Arts-Centred Learning

Students learn Alberta Curriculum through movement and dance. This residency is a minimum of 8 days.

Dance-Focussed Residency

Students learn a specific dance style, or different style each day. This is a 5 day residency.


Don't have time for a full-week residency? AIM offers highly customizable workshops to suit you, and your students' needs.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

Classes designed to support your child or client's physical and occupational therapy goals through fun dance and rhythm experiences.


These classes are fun, engaging and designed especially for children ages 3 -5 years in childcare settings.

Professional Development

These sessions focus on empowering teachers with little to no dance experience to facilitate a movement-based creative process.



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